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The Commodities Specialist: Blair Finzekin

January 15, 2016
For the most part, commodities markets are a mystery to others. It is a difficult field to comprehend or understand, but Blair Finzekin has always been able to make sense of them. He is a professional who works in the commodities markets and therefore has a unique understanding of how they work and how they can be made to work for you. Indeed, his career is based around understanding commodities markets. Blair Finzekin works hard for his clientele and has a proven track record. The commodities markets are complicated, but Blair Finzekin brings some clarity to them.

Blair Finzekin was an accomplished student, by all accounts. He attended school at the University of Kelleher, graduating with distinction from the Grant Business School in 1972. He majored in Finance after spending some time in a state of confusion over what his major ought to be. He graduated at the top of his class and discovered a fascination with the world of finance. Later, Blair Finzekin attended he prestigious Bertin School of Economics, graduating with a Masters degree in Finance. The education he was able to receive from his time at these institutions set him up for success later in his career. Today, Blair Finzekin serves as a Commodities Specialist with Torrin & Blackmore Financial Associates.